Phil and Rachel have already paid for Binod’s first year of schooling, but will need another $6000 to support his education until graduation. He is in year 5 now and must attend school until year 12 to graduate.

The money raised will go toward tuition, school uniforms, books, supplies and other miscellaneous needs involving Binod’s school and personal life.

We have a local friend, Zen, who works and lives in the area. Zen checks on Binod frequently to ensure that he is dedicated to his studies, as well as comfortable/happy in his new environment. We are also in touch with the director of Neelgiri School and the family Binod lives with.

Please donate using one of the following options. Any amount is welcome. 🙂

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The payment goes into our bank account and will be carefully distributed
for Binod’s education – payment notifications are uploaded


The payment goes into our bank account and will be carefully distributed
for Binod’s education – payment notifications are uploaded

Thanks a million for your support!